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Welcome to IMD Fastrax
Fastrax is the premier distributor of broadcast audio to the UK's commercial radio stations and new release music videos to the Television industry for both review and broadcast.


The IMD Fastrax system gives the music industry a fast, secure and cost effective way to deliver new music release singles and music videos to broadcasters. We have provided unrivalled customer service and reliability for over 5 years.

The IMD Fastrax system was designed to meet the needs of both record companies and broadcasters.

IMD Fastrax’s unique verification system makes monitoring the progress of your single or video effortless.

Radio stations can also preview new music releases and promotional material via this website. If you are a radio station and would like a login for this facility please contact us at Fastrax@groupimd.com

Fastrax is part of   Group IMD.

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